Everything Bundle 2020

Get unlimited access to our entire 2020 catalog. This bundle includes every course we produced last year with artists such as Ardalan, Bad Snacks, Dresage, Enamour, Kidnap, Rinzen, Sacha Robotti, Enamour, Rinzen, Ardalan, Great Dane, Lubelski, Pat Lok, and many more.

Everything Bundle Includes:

A Studio Afternoon with John Tejada

Ableton Workflow with Adam Johan

Advanced Mixing and Sound Design with Rinzen

Bangin' Bass with BOT

Better Beats with Bad Snacks

Chops & Chords with Manatee Commune

Creative Chords with Josh Wen

Creativity Hacks with Great Dane

Deep House Workflow with Fred Everything

Deep Tech Production with Alan Nieves

Entering the Void with HVDES

EQ & Compression with Jay-J

Every Effect in Ableton with Adam Johan

Foundations of House with The Mekanism

House & Techno with Rinzen

House Chords with Nick Garcia

Indie Dance Production with Phantoms

Intro to Ableton with Adam Johan

Intro to Film Scoring with Matt Wang

Intro to Synthesis with Lauren Kop

Lofi Beatmaking with Bad Snacks

Making Chillwave with Manatee Commune

Making Melodies with Josh Wen

Mastering with Jay-J

Melodic Techno with Enamour

Minimal House Production with Wyatt Marshall

Mixing at Home with Jay-J

Mixing House Music with BOT

Music Theory for Producers with Josh Wen

Out of the Loop with Sacha Robotti

Performing Live with Ableton

Pop Production with Lauren Kop

Producing Pop with Prince Fox

Producing Techno with Khainz

Producing Yourself with Dresage

Production Workshop with Fur Coat

Push Workflow with Adam Johan

Remixing with Thomas Coveney of Psychemagik

Songwriting and Vocal Production with Jonathan Mendelsohn

Songwriting with Party Nails

Sound Design in Serum with GES

Start to Finish with Ardalan

Start To Finish with Kidnap

Studio Technology with Phil Moffa

Synthesis of House with Lubelski

Timeless Techniques with Pat Lok

Top 40 Production with Choppa Dunks

Vocal Production with Doug Organ