How are the livestream courses taught?

The courses are taught live via Zoom. Please install and test with a friend before your course starts.

How is the audio quality?

We work with each instructor to stream and capture their class in high-quality stereo audio.

Where can I find the links to the Zoom meetings?

Once signed in, navigate to My Courses, find your course, and go to the relevant lesson/day – you’ll find the Zoom links there.

Can I ask questions during a livestream course?

Yes! We encourage everyone to ask questions live.

Are classes recorded?

All of our courses are recorded and available for later viewing. This includes upcoming livestream courses, previous online courses, and even our in-person courses.

How do I access the class recordings?

All of the course materials (including Zoom links and video recordings) can be found under My Courses – make sure you’re logged in!

Which DAW will be used?

While our in-person courses focus exclusively on Ableton Live 10, it is likely you will see a variety of DAWs in our online courses – but don’t worry! The concepts presented are almost always universal.