How I Produce

with Chee

Join South African sound design guru Chee as he walks you through his start to finish process behind his high-intensity, adventurous productions.

Livestreams April 19th - 23rd at 6:00PM PDT / 9:00PM EDT

Course Description

Chee’s sound often defies categorization, covering a wide range of musical styles from Drum and Bass to Trap to Dubstep and beyond.

Learn Chee's tricks of the trade as he breaks down his entire production process. In this 5 day course, you'll be able to ask questions live and get to know the man behind the music as he shows you everything from programming drums to designing sounds from scratch.


South African producer Chee’s unique hybrid sound erupted into the international domain in 2016 with the release of his Shrodinger EP on Dutch label Underslung and several self-releases.

Following releases on Drum & bass focused labels TYPE91, CLOSE2DEATH and ALGORITHM as well as releases on Bass-focused labels UPSCALE and RENRAKU, Chee debuted his first full-length album FEAR MONGER on SATURATE in 2017 with 12 tracks of pure Chee sound that demonstrated the potential of one of the most promising names in low-end heavy electronica.

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